PLEASE SIGN PETITION: Google Word Verification Accessibility!

Just a reminder to please sign the petition, authored by Darrell Shandrow, of The Blind Access Journal, to encourage Google to create an accessible alternative to CAPTCHA. Screen reading programs for the blind and visually impaired, cannot decipher the graphical text, preventing blind computer users from independently accessing various services. In particular, Google requires graphical word verification for such services as GMail, Blogger, and others. For instance, a blind friend of mine is currently unable to post to his own blog! To remove the spam flag attached to his blog by Google’s software, he would need to, … Yes, can you believe it? … type in the characters in a CAPTCHA graphic!! So, he cannot even directly submit a request to have the spam flag removed! He has written to Google’s tech support yesterday morning, and still has not received a response from them. How long must he wait for access to the blog that he created???

So, show your support, and head on over to: and please sign today! There are already over 2,750 names, of various people who are blind, as well as many sighted friends, colleagues, family members, and other concerned Internet users. So, jump on board, and please add your name to the ever-growing list!

Together, we will help accessibility happen!


One Response to “PLEASE SIGN PETITION: Google Word Verification Accessibility!”

  1. Dan Haley Says:

    I have been frustrated by non accessible capcha’s. It should be standard to have audio versions.

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