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Update on Google accessibility Petition

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Hello again.

At this writing, there are 3184 names on the Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition! Many thanks to all who have shown their support! Watch here for news, on a story that will be presented on Internet News, to follow up on their story from last July, wherein someone at Google promised accessibility to the CAPTCHA graphics as of two months from then.

P.S., Darrell’s blog Blind Access Journal, was finally unlocked on Monday afternoon, some 24+ hours after his initial request. Would most sighted people be satisfied, were they in a similar situation? On one hand, Google’s service is provided free of charge, so I suppose one could say, “you get what you pay for,” but on the other hand, they are providing it to the general public, as a service, from which they profit by displaying advertisements. Though the blind population is relatively small overall, we are still a chunk of the consumer-base. Plus, blind people would probably be more apt to take companies up on their products, offered online, as opposed to, say, a big colorful ad in a printed magazine, unless someone else mentions it to the blind person.

Well, just my own two cents for the day, anyway.